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Individual Projects: Project


Photogram, 2016

When losing someone, we tend to cling to things that reminds us of them. With this project, I used my grandmothers nightgown and necklace to create a photogram. I also used the process of cliche verre to expose a drawing onto the paper. The flowers are representative of my mother, grandma, and grandpa. This piece is formed into one unified whole from six 22" x 26" darkroom prints.

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Digital Print

In my experience, I have seen myself, as well as others struggle with inner battles. Medication is often used to help maintain a stable lifestyle, but sometimes there is a resistance to taking it, frequently due to stigma surrounding mental illness. I've also seen another perspective on medication, while watching loved ones abuse prescription drugs, impacting their lives in many ways. So frequently I've thought of the struggles between the doctors who prescribe medications and the patient themselves. This piece is a response to the trials of dealing with these battles.

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Canvas, Acrylic, Dark Room Test Strips

I created this projects by combining objects and RC Darkroom Test Strips to painted canvas. Test strips are generally used to find the right exposure in the darkroom before creating your final print. I use these test strips to represent memories and images I have created combined into one project as a symbolism of the way I see the world. I found it interesting to use these test prints, generally thrown away, as a way to create a new piece.

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