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Canton, Pennsylvania

At this point in my life, half of my time is spent at school in Philadelphia and the other half is spent in Canton, Pennsylvania, a very small town with one red light and about 2,000 people. It's almost like one of those tiny towns from a movie. Both sides of my family were raised here, and it's began to feel more like a home than anywhere else. It's a place that fascinates me because it doesn't look like much changed in the last fifty years and everyone knows everyone. But the views around this part of Pennsylvania are quite beautiful and intriguing. I had just watched a Gregory Crewdson film a few days before taking this photo. He's an amazing photographer who uses large format color film and sets up every part of the scene, a lot of times in towns that seem to look similar to this one, and each image has a sense of mystery about it. There was something about this moment that reminded me of his work. When I saw this sunset after it had just rained I ran to our upstairs balcony and took some photos as it began to get dark. There's something that caught my eye with the colors, the reflections, that dollar general on the corner, and the auto shop across the street. I was really glad I took these shots.

(This is my first blog post and will probably become the place I post all the photos I love but am not sure how to fit into my website. I'll be posting experiments, works in progress, some photos I just like, and maybe some tutorials as well!)

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