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Santorini-Athens, Greece // November 23-26

Hey guys!

I've really been slacking with blogging about my travels abroad. I went from traveling different parts of the world, to graduating from college and trying to figure out life after school, so you could say I've been a bit distracted.

I have finally gotten around to editing the photographs I took in Greece! Greece was quite an adventure, to say the least. It was pretty much a twilight zonish experience, and not just because of it's beauty, but because of the bizarre events that kept happening.

To start the story, I was traveling to Greece with my roommate I had become good friends with while studying abroad, Alyssa. I persuaded her to go to Greece with me, because hey, we may be poor, but when can we ever to do this again. Let's go to Greece for Thanksgiving!

You could say we definitely lived in the moment while we were in Europe, and didn't always check things as thoroughly as we should've.

#1 ridiculous event; The night/morning we were leaving for Greece, we got stuck in an intense beer pong tournament we told ourselves we wouldn't get sucked into at our favorite pub, The Basement. We decided, ya know, it's already late, let's just not go to sleep. After almost missing the bus, we made it to the airport, only to realize, we bought bus tickets to the wrong airport. In a panic, we hailed down a taxi and got to the right airport, surprisingly on time.

#2- At this point we are severely exhausted and passed out on the plane. Alyssa realized she may have packed her suitcase a little to full and has to pay 60 extra Euros for every flight we take. By the way, we are taking a total of four flights to go to Santorini and Athens and back to Rome, so yeah, poor Alyssa. When we finally do get to Santorini, she realized she packed almost all her sweaters. Why, we don't know.

#3- We get to Santorini, sleep deprived and pretty much dead. We decide hey let's go on an adventure, in the dark, in the middle of no where. Sounds good. Two dogs start following us and we're like OMG DOGS, I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE CUTE, COME WITH US. Well there were A LOT of stray dogs in Greece. A lot. And then we see one pup get hit by a motorcycle. Let's say, we were both traumatized and no one even believed us. At this point, we're like what the hell is happening and how do we enjoy anything after this, but we try.

#4- I was REALLY HYPE about the donkeys. Like way too excited. That's all I wanted to accomplish. And I did, after chasing them and rolling my ankle, only to yell and then keep running. Riding a donkey down a cliff kinda feels like you're going to fall to a sudden death, but hey, what a way to go.

#5- After this we head to Athens. We're like okay, it's getting better. Things are looking up. Then Alyssa gets pick pocketed on the subway after hearing two people arguing and not having one inch of space to move. Then we're like oh, that's why they are yelling at each other. ALRIGHT, HERE WE GO AGAIN. But we do meet a pretty cool dude on the subway who invites us to a pub crawl, and about five minutes after settling in we leave and go on that adventure.

From that point on there's lots of shenanigans, and not much sleep. We went from dancing to finding a motorcycle bar, to attempting to break into the Acropolis and running around Athens with new friends. Greece was wild, slightly traumatizing, extremely beautiful, and one hell of an adventure.

Now go check out my photos of this beautiful place!

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