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March 2015- One year later

This was a panorama I made about a year ago in my digital photography class.

When we got this assignment I tried to think of a way to talk about the passage of time. It was during March 2016 and I decided I wanted to shoot my photos at home to make this panorama.

March 2016 was a rough time for me, much cause of what had gone on in March 2015. That was the time my gram had passed away, and one of the most painful points in my life.

When I was taking the photos for this project it felt like so much had changed but also so little in that one year, and it was an odd feeling. I was walking around taking these photos exactly how I had been the year before. When my gram passed away I took photos the whole week I was home. I even made a book about it. It was strange to be be dealing with this grief a year later in almost the exact same setting, but without her there and new dynamics that always occur as time passes.

The color parts of my panorama were taken the March of 2016, and the black and white ones I incorporated had all been taken that year before. I was looking through my photos and found some of the black and white ones I had taken in 2015 were in the exact same spots as I had before, which was even weirder to me to see I was paying attention to the same things.

Then I started thinking about place. Canton, Pennsylvania always reminds me of family, because all of my family was raised there. That's the town I always thought of when I thought of my Gram. I wanted to bring in those moments I had taken a year ago and bring faces and memories to the place, rather than just the buildings.

Time is such a confusing thing. So is grief. So is just about everything in life, and it's weird how moments come together like that.

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