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Awesome Dudes, Awesome Band: Groudwork!

Yesterday I took some photos of my favorite dudes (Colby;Guitarist, Brit;Drummer, Trevor;Bassist, Johnny;Singer). Their band is called Groundwork, previously known as Dorkosaurus. They got a new singer a few months back, so it was time for some new photos! It's always a fun time with a lot of laughs hanging with them.

Colby and Brit started the band a while back, with Trevor joining in as their bassist and now getting their newest singer Johnny. These guys have never stopped working on their passion, which is something I admire about them most. They continue to practice all the time, and play gigs and open-mics as much as possible. The band only keeps getting better, and their shows are always an awesome time! From experience, it's really fun to have some drinks and jam out to their music.

These guys are awesome people, and I'm not just saying this because they are some of my favorite people, but you should totally go check out their music! You'll especially like them if you're into rock, alternative, punk, whatever. If you're not into that, you should check them out anyways. Share with your friends, family, associates, everyone! Go to their youtube page and listen to their music, and go like their page on Facebook! They really do fucking rock.


Facebook: @groundworkband

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