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GoneMadGoods: Etsy Shop!

Hi guys! So just yesterday I decided to open up another etsy shop called GoneMadGoods (GoneMad was taken), specifically for my hand-painted glasses, mugs, etc.! Click right here and go check out the shop so you can see what I'm talking about at

Anyways, one day I was talking about this local festival in Canton, PA they have every year, called the Wine and Cheese festival. I thought to myself, why not start hand-painting wine glasses? You love wine, and you love to paint. Might as well combine the two. So that is how this started. Then I thought it'd be fun to expand beyond wine glasses, and do other type of glasses as well, such as mugs and champagne classes.

In the shop you will find a bunch of different wine glasses, champagne glasses, mugs, etc. In the future I may be adding other hand-painted objects, so keep on coming back to the shop and checking out what's new!I love to do custom orders, so feel free to message me if you'd like me to add something to the glass, or just do a completely different one with an idea you have in mind! As of right now it will take 2-3 weeks for me to ship these glasses to you, BUT, that is only temporary. I'm currently in preparation for that Wine and Cheese festival I mentioned before, but after getting all these glasses painted for that, your orders will be much faster! Anyways, I really hope you check out the shop, and it'd be even better if you bought a glass! You can find the link to the shop again below, and there's some photos of the glasses available below as well. Just click on the photos and they will take you right to where you can buy that glass! Thanks to whoever happens to read this!


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